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Our services are supported by over 30 years of combined design experience and expertise. We'll work tirelessly to deliver the results you want, need, expect and deserve.

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    Branding/Logo Design

    When making your name official to the world, you need a strong brand to make a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. We've developed a thorough logo design process involving YOU, where we factor in our understanding of YOUR vision, merge it with the results from OUR research and experience, and implement YOUR feedback to determine the best possible visual outcome.

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    Strategic Graphic Design

    With over 30 years of combined experience, we create effective, targeted designs for your marketing collateral, specific to your project and industry. From flyers to magazines, book covers to brochures, even t-shirts and billboards, we've got you covered with both digital and print-ready graphics designed to the required specs for your project needs. Let EYE35 design your experience.

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    Voice Over Services

    Having a team consisting of an accomplished recording artist, live performer and public speaker with years of experience has come in handy for our voice over projects. With a lineage of orators and radio personalities in tow, utilizing VOICE to inspire, inform and entertain 'Semply' comes naturally. From commercial spots and promotional ads to story narration and audiobooks, we will provide the elite vocal performance your project requires to immediately set you apart.


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    Marketing Strategy

    Establish a strategy for the foundation of your marketing. That strategy needs to be integrated, considering all the many factors and channels involved. We're passionate about delivering marketing strategies that align with our customers' needs and goals. The strategy can be long- or short-term and will also include how the tactics will be measured to show success. If you know who you are, what you want to do, but just need a game-plan to help bring things together, we can assist you.

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    Photo Retouch/Video Editing

    The beautiful thing about photography and videography is that they capture a moment that is gone forever and is impossible to reproduce. But sometimes, what's been captured needs just the right touch to enhance those moments. Our team invests the time and attention to detail with each photo retouch and video edit just to create the right aesthetic for your project. Whether for events, sceneries, portraits or video montages, we work to bring your vision to LIFE.

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    Social Media Design/Marketing

    Leverage social media to the fullest. It's today's standard method for brands to connect with their audience. We'll start with optimizing your profiles and will guide you on how to better engage so your posts get higher visibility. And your marketing goes go hand-in-hand with your social media design and presentation. Having your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages & YouTube channel with a uniform aesthetic can make an enormous difference in reaching to your target.

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Bundled Service Packages
Bundled Services for Startups

We know what it takes to successfully launch a new business, and we created discounted Bundled Service Packages (BSPs) with individuals, startups and small businesses in mind. There are necessary components you need to make a lasting impression, and an effective branding push will help KEEP you as a fixture in the hearts and minds of your future customers.

Here are the packages we offer, each customized to fit your basic startup needs:

Let's get your business out to the masses!

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